Ultimate Monthly Sticker Subscription

Ultimate Monthly Sticker Subscription

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The OodlemaDoodles Ultimate Monthly Sticker Subscription.

A monthly delivery of a subscription exclusive sticker kit and accessories.

The monthly theme is a different design for each month, with a hint of the theme being shared on social media after the previous month’s subscription has shipped.

In the event of a seasonal theme, those subscriptions will be shipped at least a month in advance of the month for which they're intended- however you can of course stash them, hoard them, use them straight away or whatever you wish.

When will they ship:

The subscriptions will ship during the last week of each month, if there is a variation of this, this will be communicated via our Facebook group, so make sure you're a part of our community there.

When will I be charged:

No automatic payments will be taken. Instead, you will receive an email advising a payment is due to continue for the next months subscription with a link to follow. 

Once payment has been made, the invoice receipt will be generated and we'll know to get your subscription ready for posting. Don't worry if you forget to pay, we'll send you a reminder before that month’s subscription closes.

What if I want to skip a month?

Skipping a month is easy, just don't make payment for that month. If multiple months are skipped, we may be in touch to cancel your subscription in order to manage the wait list- which you're welcome to re-join.

Will I be able to purchase the kits from the store without subscription?

The kits and accessories are designed for the subscribers. They will not be available to purchase individually initially, but could appear in the shop at some point, or be used for special events/ holidays if appropriate.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the email you receive advising a new subscription kit is available, you'll also have an option to be removed from the subscribers list. Click that link, and you'll be removed from the subscriber list. Your welcome to come back in the future.