Coffee Love Mini Sticker Kit
Coffee Love Mini Sticker Kit
Coffee Love Mini Sticker Kit
Coffee Love Mini Sticker Kit

Coffee Love Mini Sticker Kit

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Coffee Love is one of our Mini Kits, including four sheets of stickers in which to decorate your planners.

These versatile stickers will fit the Erin Condren Vertical and Happy Planner and can easily be cut to fit the Erin Condren horizontal and hourly. Whilst also working well with inserts and personal planners.

Coffee Love is four sheets with the following stickers on each sheet:

Sheet 1 : Decorative Full Boxes

- 8 Full Box Stickers
- 8 Circular Icon Stickers
- 6 Page Flags Stickers

Sheet 2 : Functional Elements

- 2 Full Boxes Stickers(for sidebar)
- 2 Half Box Stickers
- 1 Habit Tracker Stickers
- 3 Event Stickers
- 6 Scalloped Box Stickers
- 3 Double Dot Stickers
- 3 Skinny Double Dot Stickers
- 2 Circular Reminder Stickers
- 5 TV Schedule Stickers
- 1 Me Time Sticker
- 1 Plan Sticker
- 1 Family Time Sticker
- 1 Girls Night Sticker
- 2 Bunting Stickers

Sheet 3 : Headers and Checklists

- 9 Pink Header Stickers
- 9 Green Header Stickers
- 9 Yellow Header Stickers
- 2 Long Washi Stickers
- 8 Small Heart Checklist Stickers
- 7 Long Heart Checklists with Cactus emoji
- 1 Quote Sticker

Sheet 4 : Half Boxes and Date Covers

- 6 Half Box Stickers
- 4 Page Flag Stickers
- 4 Event Stickers
- 7 Week Day Stickers (Monday- Sunday)
- 31 Date Stickers (1-31)
- 8 Meal Icon Stickers
- 6 Decorative Stickers
- 1 Weekend Banner Sticker
- 1 Icon Sticker

These planner stickers have been printed on quality white adhesive vinyl paper using a professional photo printer, with pigment ink.

These planner stickers are designed to use in your Erin Condren Life Planner or Happy Planner, but will look great in your Filofax, Gillo, Kikki-k, Kate Spade and would be great for scrap booking too.

Customisation of stickers is available in some cases. Please do contact us to discuss your individual preferences. We love hearing new ideas!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

P.S: Colours may differ slightly from those on your screen as each monitor is calibrated differently.